Project Description

Generator container is a perfect solution for Generator enclosures by ensuring a protected environment. Containers for Diesel Generators offer protection from harsh weather conditions while providing power accessories such as circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches and fuel tanks. Our client has fitted this enclosure with Perkins Diesel Power Generator to provide off site energy.

  • We customize our Generator Containers to fit your Generator requirements.
  • You can have additional levels of protection such as mufflers, burglary protection and fire protection

More information on this enclosure:

  • Two large service double doors located on the long sides provide an easy access
  • We designed the floor structure to support the load of the generator and the tank
  • A non-slip steel surface provides additional safety
  • It’s possible to manipulate the Container with a crane or forklift
  • Fire rated insulation
  • liquid containment tray in the floor
  • dampers provide noise insulation
  • Customized dimensions 5,2 x 2,4 x 2,8 m

Generator Container enclosures can be in the form of custom made technical shelters or as modified intermodal containers. However, in case your generator is oversize, or has a more complex configuration, we can offer custom built units for your on-site needs.

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