Project Description

Mobile laboratories are a necessity when working in remote sites. This is because they provide necessary rooms and equipment for essential tasks on site. Our company manufactures mobile laboratories on the basis of containers.

We design container laboratories with client’s specific requirements in mind. However, we also keep in mind to make them suitable for relocation. This means that we keep their dimensions within ISO intermodal container standard.

This particular MobiLab Container for CERN has means of locking the equipment in position. This allows the safe transport of laboratory.

Additional custom equipment includes:

Exterior Safety box with space for the air / air heat pump A +++

lattice doors and cylinder lock,

integrated lift and 3500 kg / m2 floor load capacity.

Some key benefits of  our container laboratories are:

  • avoiding project delays due to construction
  • avoiding shipping delays
  • more effective use of resources
  • added flexibility
  • Access to remote locations
  • Fast deployment times
  • fully customized laboratory
  • no need to apply for installation permits

Most importantly, when it comes to production time, we ensure average lead time of 4 weeks

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