Project Description

We provided custom made shelters for watch towers for our client for the defense industry. Our client will placed these shelters on watch towers on site in Africa. Due to the challenge of transportation to such remote location, we have implemented a custom solution. We designed the shelters in slightly smaller dimensions of 2,0 x 2,0m to allow transport inside the shipping containers. We added additional reinforcements to the shelter frame to support ship transport and multiple re-loadings.

Other features of this shelter include:

  • Steel anti-vandal façade
  • Special anti-corrosion protection for salty atmosphere
  • Safety glass with mirror finish
  • Complete electrical wiring
  • Server rack

The client will place this watchtower shelter as a housing unit on top of the tower for the purpose of surveillance. The guards are inside the shelter with clear overview of the surroundings. Generally, these towers primarily used in military industry but also find their application elsewhere. Its main purpose is to provide a high, safe place from which a guard may observe the surrounding area.

Recently, the relevance of watchtowers has decreased due to the availability of alternative forms of military intelligence.  This is in case of reconnaissance by spy satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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