Project Description

Storage containers are used across many industries for different purposes. In the areas of technical shelters and equipment, they are most often storing hazardous materials.

We manufacture safe and environmentally friendly storage technology.

Our shelters are designed to aid with storage but also processes at your plant or warehouse. We offer our clients standardized solutions for quick deployment. Alternatively, clients can order custom-made storages based on individual requirements. The dimensions of Containers usually follow the standard ISO intermodal container dimensions 10′,20′, or 40′ with the width of 8′. We offer other custom dimension on request.

Our containers and shelters are

  • made of steel
  • can be water and air tight.
  • include containment and spill solutions

The containers have insulation to ensure safety and stability of environmental conditions for the materials. We can provide a HVAC system and accompanying accessories to provide a suitable temperature range inside the container. As part of standard equipment we offer double doors for easy access to the interior and possibility of load manipulation inside the container. Additionally, a loading ramp is also part of the equipment.

Our fire rated storage containers provide a safe space for hazardous or flammable materials.

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