Project Description


Flammable liquids Storage Containers are present-day necessity. In accordance with local regulations on fire safety and environmental protection, all flammable or hazardous liquids must be stored in suitable shelters.

This means that Flammable liquids storage needs to be placed in designated shelters. Containers provide ideal solutions for this, since they are flexible and adaptable.

Euromodul’s containers are designed in accordance with local regulations and are fire proof up to 90 minutes. This is because, all flammable liquids must be stored in designated safe areas.

If materials need to be temperature regulated, we install appropriate HVAC system. However, in most cases electrical installation in the container needs to have ATEX protection.

Interior storage space is designed to maximize available space.

Floor structure has a spill-containment tank for environment protection. This allows the storage to meet the regulations regarding the environment.