Project Description

For our well-known client, we have, according to special requirements, constructed switchgear containers to accommodate low-voltage distribution devices. The product defined in this way is delivered to clients in a large number of EU and CIS countries for their needs. Our turnkey service supplies a complete off-site assembled solution, leading to significant savings in terms of time and cost.

All Switchgear containers are designed and produced strictly to client specifications.

Where space is at a premium Container switching devices are an option we at EUROmodul, together with our partners, will design and build a complete switching room inside a container for different needs:

  • HV/LV transformers
  • LV distribution devices
  • UPS modules
  • power distribution units and backup generators.

Some of our switchgear container solutions are:

  • Business Management System for Bulk terminals
  • Traffic Control System for Bulk terminals
  • For distributed systems
  • Process Monitoring