Project Description

Technical containers can be used as shelters for mini plants in off-site locations. We developed this Container as a pressure cleaning plant for our client Kercher. Many companies choose EUROmodul containers to store their plants and equipment utilizing the benefits of custom built solutions. The Containers have standard ISO 40′ module dimensions. As a result, we could ensure economic transport prices of the modules to site.

For a well know German manufacturer of high pressure cleaners, EUROmodul has designed and manufactured custom made technical 40 feet containers. EUROmodul designs Technical Containers according to the specific requirements in terms of stability, load capacity of the floor and roof. As a result, we are able to offer our customers tailor made solutions.

We provided custom made round openings in the facade to enable pipe entry for the pressure cleaning plant equipment. Accordingly, this special pressure cleaning equipment will be used for cleaning trams and trains. Delivery is on known location in Switzerland.

We manufacture Technical shelters according to the client’s requirements. Most while designing the special shelters we are taking into account additional elements such as:

  • requirement for fire resistance
  • air or water tightness
  • explosion protection
  • floor and roof loads
  • thermal and noise insulation
  • custom openings

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