Project Description

From 2013 until 2104 EUROmodul delivered 10 pieces of special containers – Telecom shelters for the Navy. The shelters are fitted with telecommunication and navigation equipment for a Naval Ministry.

We designed the shelters on a steel-frame basis and to be easily portable. Therefore, they can be transported by land, air or sea. The Navy uses these shelters as protection for the sensitive equipment for monitoring of Naval traffic.

Electrical Power: we equipped the shelters with power supply, redundant air conditioners, interior lighting, and cable inlet sealing by Roxtec.

The telecom shelters for the Navy have been equipped with special air condition system to ensure proper work of sensitive equipment. In addition, EUROmodul installed fire detection and extinguishing system. Installation includes alarm and allows for shutdown in case of electrical surges to protect interior and equipment from flame destruction, because the containers are in a remote and inaccessible location.

Generally, telecom shelters as prefab solutions are:

  • Cost effective and easily for handling
  • we can add special equipment including for communications, signaling, and monitoring
  • they protect the equipment from dust and water.
  • can have very good thermal insulation and be energy efficient
  • we can fit them with solar energy for remote sites
  • have a long life span of 10+ years

We equip the shelters with cable inlet sealing (Roxtec or equivalent). Additionally, we equip all telecom shelters with cable trays and ladders.

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