Project Description

Telecom Containers (Telecom shelters) are shelters we manufacture in accordance with project’s requirements.

Inside the shelters, our clients install sensitive telecommunication equipment. This equipment requires the shelters to maintain the conditions inside at the requested level. Telecom Containers need to protect the equipment housed inside. Additionally, the exterior of the container protects the equipment from forces like vandalism. Usually, the companies install the shelters all over the world, often in intense climates. Consequently, shelters are able to withstand high winds, snowfall, and high and low temperatures.  Therefore, Telecom containers provide a sturdy, reliable, and secure enclosed space to keep equipment as safe as possible.

All shelters we manufacture manufacture are water-tight with indoor temperature regulation. Accordingly, we design the exterior as anti-vandal with doors in RC2 or RC3 security standard. Depending on environmental conditions on site, we define anti-corrosion protection level. More specifically, ISO 12944 is a globally recognized standard that lays out the rules and guidelines for the protection of assets from corrosion. This is the standard we use in our painting technology.

We manufacture each shelter individually to meet the requirements of installation site. For remote locations, we offer monitoring equipment and systems.

Elements which can be monitored:

  • door access
  • temperature range
  • power status on/off
  • ventilation
  • fire detection and extinguishing systems

We can customize the Facade type and color according to client’s requests.

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