Project Description

For the leading telecommunication operator in Serbia F1 (formerly VIP), EUROmodul has delivered Telecom shelters for mobile network. The operator will use containers for storing GSM telecommunication equipment. The important features of these technical module are:

  • the robust construction,
  • load-bearing capacity of the floor
  • and electrical equipment.

Euromodul performed installation on top of a high rise building, with the help of a partner. We kept the dimensions of shelter as smaller than standard to ensure simple installation. We customized the positions of cable entry based on client’s requirement.

The first location for delivery and installation is on the 15th floor of a residential building. See photos from the field and how we lifted the modules up to a height of 65 m.

Roof-mounted structures are increasingly in demand in the telecom industry. This is because there is often limited space in major cities for Telecom shelters for mobile network. The important part of these installations is to provide assurance to building owners. Most importantly, that additional we made sure that loads imposed by these structures are safe. Telecommunication installations on rooftops can vary from small pipe mounts to shelters such as this one.

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