Project Description

A major Telecom supplier has trusted us to supply Telecommunication containers for optical hubs project. The client will deliver these containers for the project called RUNE – Rural Network Project. The goal of the project is implementation of equipment for improvement of Telecom infrastructure. The aim is to provide ultra-fast broadband fiber optic infrastructure for users. These rural areas of Croatia and Slovenia are yet to be connected to this network. We will deliver a total of 60 containers over the course of 3 years. We delivered the first containers of the lot in February 2020.

Our client will fit the telecommunication containers with additional equipment. The additional works include installing and maintaining critical power and cooling equipment for the telecom containers for optical hubs.

Our client is building an access network on the Fiber To The Home – FTTH model. Consequently, the will implement this for all potential users in the project scope.

You can find out more about RUNE Rural Network Project at:

We designed the containers primarily with fire safety in mind. The ventilated roof offers additional insulation and protection from rainfall and snow. Cable inlet opening is located in the floor. Note the interesting design of container exterior: the color of the facade needs to match the environment.

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