Technical Containers

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Technical containers are designed and equipped as safe outdoor shelters for equipment of various applications. Generally they are produced as prefabricated steel based modules.

Environmental conditions on site are always taken into consideration when designing the shelters. Accordingly, we are treating the steel for protection from atmospheric corrosion based on the site conditions. Therefore, protection is ensured both with adequate preparation of the steel as well as additional coatings.

We generally aim to keep shelter dimensions in ISO Container standards. However, on request, we manufacture custom dimensions according to client's requirements. Shelters are insulated to maintain required temperature range inside the shelters.

The structure is reinforced to support the weight of the equipment. Additionally, shelter exterior can be fitted with anti-vandal facade. To maintain required temperature range inside the shelter, we can install an HVAC system on request.

Additionally, to provide fire safety, we install complete smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems. Remote control of shelter and its access is possible with the help of integrative control and monitoring system.

Industries and applications for technical containers

Below you can see what industries usually use technical shelters. We can offer a custom made shelter for your specific needs.


  • Offshore containers
  • Workshop containers
  • Container Laboratories
  • Container control rooms
  • Equipment testig containers


  • Trafostation conatiner
  • Energy Storage Device Container
  • Diesel container Generator
  • Off-grid power container


  • E-house container
  • Trafostation container
  • Switchgear container



  • Mobile water treatment plant
  • Containers for water testing
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Containerized water electrolysis system
  • Containerized Hydrogen Systems



  • Telecom shelters
  • Radio equipment shelter
  • Communication and supervision containers
  • Landing equipment shelters


  • Modular data centers
  • Data Center in a Container



  • First aid containers
  • Medical shelters
  • Covid-19 ambulance
  • Mobile laboratories


  • Adaptations of ISO intermodal containers for different purposes



  • Flammable liquids storage
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • ATEX Container


If you are wondering how to get from where you are now to your brand new shelter, see below:

The process is straightforward, it starts with your need and an idea, which turns into a request. After that, we convert your request and design into the final product - ready to be deployed on site.


Contact us via phone or email and provide information about your project


We will provide a preliminary design suggestion based on your request. Alternatively, you can provide your design if available


After your approval of the design we start the manufacturing process


Once production is complete and FAT is conducted, shelter is delivered and deployed on your site

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions about technical shelters.

The FAQ explains the process from your inquiry to delivery

For all other specific inquiries feel free to contact our specialists.

Technical shelters are a necessary part of on-site infrastructure for many industries – from Mining & Energy to Telecommunications. For example, they safely store technical equipment or materials which need housing on-site to maintain functionality and protection from environmental conditions.

We don’t publish the prices on our website because each project has different requirements. Therefore, we create personalized quotes based on your specific request. Good news is, your quote is just a few clicks away! Send us an inquiry to and we will contact you asap.

This is what we are here for! We understand that each project and site is unique, which is why we create tailored shelters to best fit your needs. In short, we customize our containers to provide efficacy for your processes.

This depends on the project complexity and our production availability. Usually, production time takes between 3-8 weeks for most projects.

Because we have over 30 years of experience in modular production. So far, we have delivered thousands of units to satisfied clients all over the world. Our production is carried out in accordance with the following standards:

SRPS ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007

EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2

 ISO 3834-2

We invite you to take a look at our references to get and idea of out capabilities, experience and know-how.